A Song for Zipporah.  Zipporah is the eldest daughter of Jethro, priest of Midian. She loves singing and has a voice that's absolutely hypnotic. She wants to one day leave Midian and marry the man of her dreams. Then one night a strange dream turned her world upside down.  Now her dream will either become like her sweet song or her worse nightmare.  A powerful must read for all age groups

Is it a sin to say I do twice?  Discover what the Bible actually says about the subject and not what some presumes it teaches.

Does , divorce and remarriage disqualify a man from becoming a Pastor or Deacon.  This study answers that question and many more without any considerations to historic positions or religious decrees

The media thrives upon it.  Big corporations endorse it.  Politicians try to legalize it and still, the church of the living God seems powerless to stop it.  Finally a must read publication regarding this godless abomination.

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"Atheists say God doesn't exist.  How in the heck do they know?  Learn how 3rd grade math proves their nonsense just doesn't add up" 

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Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost:  What exactly is it?  Is it taking the Lord's name in vain?  Is it attributing the work of Christ to Satan? Is it hardening your heart against the bible or is it something ELSE? This powerful new ebooklet tells all

Controversial! Powerful! Thought Provoking! is this a gift from the Father of Lights or a curse from the Prince of Darkness?

Lose Weight Now! You can do it! Discover the bible's secrets to looking great and feeling mighty good

Having been led out of bondage like any other race, having been introduced to Christ’s salvation like any other race, and having been given the same opportunities like any other race, black America still extends her hands for her share of the “Pie.”  I use the term “her” because black America has lost its character, lost its vision and nearly lost its soul.  And for those great losses, black America has a great need.

"An indepth study of the subject from a biblical viewpoint.  Both sides of the argument are presented and scriptures are used to judge all preconceived ideas."

Chains unshackled never freed anyone; not one slave, drunkard, prostitute, or adulterer.  Discover what really set the captives free.

One Government! One Religion! One God! Is He Alive Today?

Discover how and why God used people of "color" throughout His wonderful black book